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Apartment building SMART LIVING KLR@Plzeň puts maximum emphasis on quality materials and working procedures which will ensure long-term durability of the new housing for the residents.

Trigema Smart Living

One of the main advantages of the concept of Smart Living is that you always have a choice. Smart Living invests in quality. And this is inherent in everything Trigema brings onto the market. Consequently, the Smart Living concept from 2015 is offered in several qualitative levels. The characteristic variant for KLR@Plzeň is the default three-step offer that is not on the outside market anywhere in the regions represented. We can say with certainty that this is a highly above average qualitative standard which, however, responds to the requirements of demand and its pricing strategy is solely based only on the standard of the site.

An example of standards that you can expect within the concept: central air-handling unit with heat recovery, facade: a combination of a standard silicone plaster and another surface, walled housing partitions, gypsum plaster, residential door entry security grade 3, internal doors: CPL, rivets, 160 - 200mm insulated windows: triple glazing, data: optical wiring, home phone: as standard. We will gladly provide more detailed information for you in our sales centre.

Building energy performance

The KLR project is like all other Trigema residential projects, classified as B - very efficient. Download the document.

Forced ventilation

While earlier construction projects counted on the exchange of air through leaks in the windows, modern apartments in low-energy houses are almost hermetically sealed systems. The air-conditioning system is therefore sufficient to replace the air.

Thanks to the heat recovery, fresh air is heated by the waste air to avoid heat losses due to ventilation. The heat that is produced in the apartment thus stays inside, and fresh air comes from the outside preheated to a pleasant temperature.

Powerful ventilation with the heat exchanger will replace at least 10% of the air volume within an hour. During ten hours, the air is completely exchanged in the apartment which positively affects the air quality whether from the point of view of carbon dioxide content, odours, or moisture in the air. The whole system is regulated and its performance can be increased several times.

There are two separately adjustable branches in the apartment - one for removing air from the kitchen, the other for the rest of the apartment. It is therefore possible to increase, for example, the extraction of kitchen vapours during cooking and at the same time keep the ventilation of the rest of the apartment to a minimum.

The advantages of this system will be understood by every user, not just personal experience. We can conclude that, in general, it is about improving the overall user well-being in the apartment and there are only positive reactions from the users about this system and in particular for the following reasons:

  • The air ventilation doesn't shock - that means it avoids temperature differences which not only leads to increased living comfort but will be appreciated by, for example, temperature-sensitive plants
  • The fresh air is preheated by exhaust air, therefore significantly reducing the energy consumption for heating
  • Air exchange is regulated. At the minimum power, 10% of the air in the apartment is exchanged in an hour which ensures a pleasant dust and moisture-free environment without being perceptible
  • The air-conditioning system greatly increases the hygienic comfort of living - no condensation on windows, the corners of the rooms are not damp and this prevents the formation of mould and mildew
  • Exhaust air from the kitchen – the entire space is ventilated, not just the space above the stove. Of course, it is recommended to add an extractor hood with a carbon filter above the cooking area which will ensure the localised filtration of cooking odours

Intelligent apartment controls

Trigema projects always secure energy efficiency and air conditioning. SMART LIVING KLR apartment standards also include preparations for intelligent home technologies.

Imagine you could control your home easily from your mobile phone anywhere in the world. So you don’t waste money heating your home when no-one is there but still return to a pleasantly warm environment. Imagine a secure home which can respond to water and fire. Your home can do all this and much more besides.

If these ideas scare you more than anything, don’t worry and keep reading. At basic level, the BLV project only gives you those fixtures you can control, including manually, the way you are used to them, while also allowing you to expand them substantially in accordance with your wishes.

You will have in your apartment:

  • control unit
  • thermostatic dials on radiators
  • smoke detector

Other fixtures you can order and easily connect to the current system include clever dimmers which provide exactly the right amount of light you need and which can respond to when you arrive, and the momentary light situation. You can also easily measure the consumption of all your appliances, set the times they come on at, plus other advanced options. The system can also warn you if any appliance breaks down, and intervene in the event of flooding or fire. Other options for expanding your system include movement and twilight sensors, CO2 sensors, cameras, door magnets and in future also weather stations. The system can also be linked to systems for controlling home audio and video.


Cellar storage rooms and parking

The cellars are located on the first above ground floor and on the first underground floor, their cost is included in the price of the apartment.

It is necessary to buy parking spaces together with the apartment and their cost is not included in the price of the apartment. Prices of garage and parking spaces are from CZK 181,500 with VAT, according to their location. Besides the internal garage hall on the 1st underground floor, the project also has dozens of outdoor parking spaces which are situated right next to the eastern side of the building (connection to Kollárova street).

Apartment and house construction standards

Vertical structure
  • Load-bearing structure: combination of reinforced concrete and brick wall system.
  • Building shell: contact insulation system.
Horizontal structure
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete panel.
  • Ceilings in the residential units, in the hallways.
  • Brick, locally SDK prefabricated
  • Living room, bedroom, hallway – floating laminate, skirting around the perimeter.
  • Bathroom, WC, kitchenette, vestibule, hallway, pantry – ceramic tiles, the selection according to the standard.
  • Terrace, loggia – screed, or concrete tiles. Balconies - anti-slip screed
  • Communal hallway, landings – ceramic tiles as per selection of the architect or screed.
  • Variants of floor covering in a residential unit depends upon what's available and project documentation.
Interior plastering
  • The walls in apartment units – gypsum plaster.
  • Residential units – white, abrasion resistant.
Wall tiles, paint
  • Bathroom, toilet – ceramic tiles, selection according to standard.
  • Kitchen area – whitout tiles.
  • Ceramic wall and floor tiles are trowel-grouted as standard according to standard.
Windows and balcony doors
  • Plastic - insulating triple glazing.
Window Sills
  • Outer flashings: coated aluminium sheet, internal plastic system, laminate board.
Garage doors
  • Sectional, entrance gate to the underground garage controlled by remote.
Entrance door to apartment
  • Security door, w. 900 (or 1 000) mm flush, fire-resistant, security class 3, CPL laminate surface.
  • Security fittings – peephole; steel handle; wooden threshold.
Interior doors
  • Doorframes.
  • Door CPL surface, in design according to specified standard, dimension according to PD.
  • The interior fittings.
  • Entrance door to the building - glazed aluminium (self-closing, panic handle, electric door guard).
  • Above-standard door height 2100 mm.
Separate smoke alarm
  • The sensors will be installed in each hallway of the apartments.
Electric wiring
  • Interior features – switches, sockets as standard, e.g. Schneider or ABB).
  • The preparation for the kitchen units will be finished in the boxes in the anticipated position of the kitchen units.
  • The central exchange station in 1PP.
  • There is a heating ladder placed in the bathrooms.
  • In the rooms, a panel or bench style radiator.
  • There are thermostatic heads on the radiator housings.
Sanitary technical installations
  • According to the standard specification.

Note: Trigema, a.s. reserves the right to possibly change the terms of these standards

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