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6 key benefits

Introducing a summary of the key benefits of the SMART LIVING KLR@Plzeň apartment building. There’s a lot to choose from!

High quality for the right price

Due to our experience in a highly competitive environment in the residential development market in Prague, we bring quality to the regional market in Plzeň, for which we are fighting hard, to the most demanding customers in the capital. For the KLR project, we do not want to step away from the standard that the Smart Living concept has offered for two years. In addition, we have been analysing the market for new apartments throughout the Czech Republic for 5 years and, therefore, we know the needs and price opportunities of regional markets. This knowledge leads us to realise that the quality standard of the KLR project will be higher than is normally expected in Plzeň, but at the same time, at the average price of other developer projects.

Trigema KLR - poměr cena / výkon

Recuperation - forced ventilation

Do you know how forced ventilation works and what is important for your comfortable living? Air conditioning with pollen filters capture the individual material particles from the air. In order to avoid excessive humidity and the occurrence of mould, dust mites, and other pathogens. It will help to lessen painful headaches and improve your health with regards to allergies, migraines, and breathing problems. The Recuperation, however, is not the only tool that is part of the Smart Living concept and helps your better sense of safety and health.

Trigema KLR - nucené větrání

Space for family living

Architects, in cooperation with Trigema, have developed a project proposal that best suits the family needs for housing in the locality. The result should be a model residential building suitable for urban living. All the benefits of apartments within the project will be best appreciated by those who will actually live in them. Apart from private life, it is possible to use the semi-public areas of the courtyard on the 1st floor. An equally significant benefit of family housing is a higher number of parking spaces than usual.

  • Trigema KLR - prostor pro rodinné bydlení
  • Trigema KLR - prostor pro rodinné bydlení

Náměstí Republiky in 8 minutes

The project is located on Kollárova street in the city district of Plzeň 3-Jižní suburb, which means the accessibility of the absolute centre of Plzeň within a 10 minute walk. Within a 1km radius is a complete selection of civic amenities including almost all the historical monuments, cultural buildings, the largest shopping centre in Plzeň (only 250m), offices, services and of course, schools and kindergartens. An equally important element associated with the accessibility of the city centre is a huge number of restaurants, pubs and bars. We aren't exaggerating when we say that you won't need public transport anymore.

  • Trigema KLR - dostupnost
  • Trigema KLR - dostupnost
  • Trigema KLR - dostupnost
  • Trigema KLR - dostupnost
  • Trigema KLR - dostupnost

Environmentally friendly building

SMART LIVING KLR@Pilsen has a certificate of energy performance of buildings band B rating and the associated use of materials. Trigema puts maximum emphasis on the use of quality materials and working practices that will ensure long-term durability of the new housing for the residents.

Trigema KLR - ekologicky setrna budova

Background of the responsible developer

For Trigema, very important attributes for the presentation of a developer are, above all, the indicator of stability and accountability which is embodied in the form of social support from the Centra Paraple and cultural support from the non-profit organisation Czech Photo, which is behind the Czech Press Photo competition or the multi-genre gallery, Czech Photo Centre in Prague. In addition, since 2012, it has been implementing all its residential projects with a low-energy standard.

The Plzeň project is the first residential project outside the capital city of Prague or the Central Bohemia Region, however, the developer has a lot of experience with regional construction. In the form of the work of its subsidiaries, they have implemented several large contracts on the territory of the city of Plzeň. The most important are, for example, the reconstruction of Komerční banks headquarters or the reconstruction of the ALFA Theatre building.


Trigema - czech photo centre

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